Media Go Wrestle 35: w/ Elimination Tables Match

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Go Wrestle 35: w/ Elimination Tables Match 01:38:04

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Episode 35 begins with controversy and brings a conclusion to a feud that is months in the making!

In hard hitting tag team action, the sons of Devon Dudley, Terrence & Terrell, collectively known as "TNT", return and are tested by "The Renegades" ( Dax The Axe & Chris Calloway ) !

"Dirty" Ray Moonstone takes on the experienced, hybrid style of Marc Andre Sebire!

Speedweight Champion Bobby Fonta holds a celebration after reclaiming his title in a ladder match!

Tag Team Champions, "That Klassic Tag Team" ( Kody Kastle & Kiko Harris ) have had a long standing rivalry that adds another chapter this show as they defend the belts against "Project Star Power" ( KTB & ACE ) !

Longtime rivals through multiple promotions, Sir Ian Shire & Blain Rage battle it out for the Powerweight title!

Our brutal main event is all about pride, revenge and respect in a six man elimination table war! "Young, Black & Gifted" ( Saieve Al Sabah, Dante Marquis Carter & Openweight Champion Blackheart ) take on "Killer" Kyle BlizzardBiff Slater & Gabriel "GabeZilla" Lacey!!

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