Go Wrestle's Dojo. Pro Wrestling Training in Daytona


Pro Wrestling Training at Go Wrestle's Dojo, located inside the Sunshine Park Mall in South Daytona. Go Wrestle is Daytona's Destination for Live Pro Wrestling Events and Training. Become a Pro Wrestler! No down payments, no contracts, just simple Month to Month pricing. New students are just $200 a month. Go Wrestle's students have already wrestled for multiple promotions in multiple states, had WWE tryouts, won Championships, and are out working towards success on the indy scene. Our top students can earn the opportunity to work on Go Wrestle's CLASH! and GLAMOUR! Live Daytona Pro Wrestling events for www.gowrestle.com three times a month. Now is your opportunity! Contact Go Wrestle today to get started. Email - Facebook - 1-386-222-2686