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  • June 5, 2017
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Go Wrestle is the Open Wrestling Network... but, what does that mean? How do I make money on How does buying PPV on help support Pro Wrestlers directly?

Go Wrestle is the Open Wrestling Network. For Wrestlers, By Wrestlers... but what does that mean?

Go Wrestle is Open because any legitimate wrestler or company can join, upload their content, and sell it direct to the fans! There is no cost to use Go Wrestle. You simply upload your content, set a price, and Go.

Go Wrestle was created to make it easy for every wrestler to utilize the power of technology to make money from their art. We see a world where your standard no-name "Indy wrestler" is able to make an extra $100 or 200 from a big match... even by selling it for just $1 or $2 to each fan that follows them on social media. A world where more great pro wrestlers are making a living as a Pro Wrestler!

The opportunity is there. Now it's up to the wrestlers and promotions of the world to utilize to sell their content. We launched our official beta 1 month ago today. Since then we have had multiple companies and wrestlers come on board, with some great content already making its way onto the platform.

If you're a fan of Pro Wrestling you can spend money on knowing that the artists are getting paid for their work. Go Wrestle's own in house show CLASH! gives 60% of the individual match ppvs to the wrestlers involved. You can buy our content and know that you are putting money in the hands of your favorite wrestlers. This is a great time for Pro Wrestling!


FAQ about selling content on

What is the different between a PPV and a Channel Subscription?

Sellers can upload a match or show as a PPV. The seller sets the price, the user is able to view 190 seconds of the video for free to decide if they want to buy it! Sellers are also able to create Channels, like custom mini networks of their own content. and set monthly subscription prices. An example of this is the in house produced show CLASH! You can watch CLASH! ppvs for only $3... OR you can subscribe to the CLASH! channel and access all of CLASH!'s Channel any time for only $8.29 a month. Other sellers can set their own prices for their channels! Buyers get the choice to decide to watch some PPVs or get it all. Either way you know you are supporting the wrestlers. Sellers and Buyers can utilize PPVS or Channel subscriptions to get the wrestling content how they want it, when they want it.

How do Wrestlers or Promoters who become sellers make money from their PPVs?

Our standard agreement for any new "Seller" (which is whoever owns the content, typically a wrestler or promotion) is a 50/50% split, after transaction fees. You only pay out if you are already making money! Plus, you set the price. There is no cost to upload your content! Upload your content, promote it, and make money. Payments are issued monthly. More frequent payment schedules can be worked out dependent on volume. Our standard arrangement use to use PayPal.

I'm a Wrestler or Promoter and would like to become a seller... how do I do it?

First you create an account here on Then you contact us, either at, via the messaging system on this site, or even on facebook. Reach out! We'll convert your account to a seller and help get you up and running!