Blogs How do I (a wrestler or promoter) sell my shows on Go Wrestle?

  • July 13, 2017
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How do you become a seller? How do you get paid? Find out all the details here! 

Is it free for me to upload and sell content on Go Wrestle? 

Yes, There are NO COSTS whatsoever, except for a split of the sale when a purchase is made. It does not cost you anything to use, you only pay out when you are getting paid too! 



How do I sell my content on


1. First you must be the owner of the content you are uploading! Which means you are the wrestlers involved in the match, the promoter of the company, etc. 


2. Sign up for an account on It’s easy! You can use your facebook account if you don’t want to remember a new password, or create something new. 


3. Contact us one of three ways. Email, or message Go Wrestle on this websites internal messaging system, or reach out to us on facebook messenger. Once we’ve confirmed who you are, we’ll turn your account into a seller account and you’re free to add content to Go Wrestle and sell it!



How does it work? 


There are two ways to view content and make money on Go Wrestle. 

The first is PPV. You pay the price for the show, and watch it. Its simple!


The second is to create a Channel that houses all your content and set a monthly price for it.


You can also do both, and let the customers decide how they want to view your content! 


You can also upload content to youtube and add it to Go Wrestle as free content. 



How do I get paid? How does it work?


As a seller you set the price. When it sells, Go Wrestle takes 50% after the credit card transaction fees. Credit cards fees are typically 30 cents + 3% of the items price. So set your price with this knowledge in mind!


An example: You sell 100 PPVs at a price of $10. The gross is $1000! Transaction fees would be in the range of $30.30. Leaving a remainder of 969.7 which would then be split 50/50 between Go Wrestle and you! Leaving you with a pay out of $484.85! 


Current pay outs are done via PayPal only a monthly basis. Other arrangements are possible but on a case by case basis.



If you have any questions, concerns, or need help reach out to us. We are here to help. or on our facebook